Nudie Jeans


WE LOVE JEANS. This is how Nudie Jeans presents itself, and it can be noted in everything it does.  

This Swedish jeans brand and its motto “get the balance right” are making jeans and denim clothing since 2012, always from 100% certified organic cotton, and also clothes that are fully suitable for vegans.

Their passion for this garment and for the denim style has led them to launch iconic lines of jeans that have been sold in over 20 countries, always with a design that has been thought for a heavy and lasting use, because they are not going to be broken the first time. These jeans won’t disappoint you. These not.

Cool things:

Timeless design and organic material of the highest quality. Show these jeans of Nudie Jeans to anyone that says that young people are not committed to the planet and its inhabitants.

Because everything matters. Because everything counts.