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About us

We believe absolutely in our power as society. We are able to make big changes when we want to. And we think that each purchase means a vote. Now it is your choice. Thank you for your visit. Enter, explore, and learn what people, with whom you share the same concerns, are doing all around the world. Feel confident in the clothes that you are wearing every day.

We are a company, but we are also a family. We want to change the world and we want you to help us, because every little bit counts.

I´m Ethical.

And you?


Our manifest

We donate biannually at least 1% of our profits and 5% of our time to several NGOs or associations.

Our commitments are both social and environmental. It is time to worry about the planet and all those who live in it.

On I’m Ethical you will find only brands with the best certifications in their sectors in sustainability and ethical production. We make sure that everything you buy truly helps you and the manufacturers.

Our company always tries to search for providers for its website and design in the local market of our city.

We reduce and reuse as many materials as possible within our internal processes.

We compensate for the CO2 emitted by I’m Ethical and the shipments through reforestation activities and donations to ongoing global projects.

The supply of energy in our offices is completely renewable, by contracting specific electricity providers or by using biomass heating.